Wednesday, October 13, 2010

George Mason University Under Construction

George Mason University's Fairfax campus has been building at a furious pace. Even the economic downturn hasn't slowed construction as new housing and academic structures transform GMU from a commuter school to a national powerhouse. What was once over thirty years ago the Northern Virginia satellite campus of the University of Virginia has become a choice destination for kids from all over the country who want to study in the D.C. area.

Seeing the rapidly changing campus after nine years living in Southern California simply took my breath away. It is absolutely astounding how Mason has changed in such a short time period.

The list of new buildings, renovated buildings and structures under construction is enormous.
  • New Academic: Innovation Hall, Research I, Astronomy Observatory, Information Technology & Engineering Building, Visual & Performing Arts Building.
  • New Housing & Residence: York River Corner, Chesapeake, Mason Inn & Conference Center.
  • New Student Life Buildings: Recreation & Athletics Center, Student Union I addition, Student Union II renovation.
This is just a sampling of the new George Mason. It is almost as if a new campus has been placed on top of the old campus. 

Here are pictures I took from a recent trip to Fairfax.

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