Monday, October 18, 2010

Green D.C. Headlines: Metro Maps 30-Year Plan

Metro mapping 30-year plan for system growth
Summary: Imagine a new series of north-south Metrorail lines connecting Union Station and Judiciary Square to the Waterfront, or streetcars gliding up and down Constitution Avenue. Metro officials are considering those ideas, as well as new bus rapid transit corridors and other transportation services, as they begin to craft a 30-year plan to handle the Washington area's projected population and employment growth.

Rosslyn’s Future, as Foretold by an Office Building
Summary: If Thursday’s groundbreaking for the 1812 North Moore Street office tower was anything, it was a vote of confidence in the DC area, and Rosslyn specifically, as a commercial center.

New Research Shows Americans Don’t Walk Much
Summary: For the year 2009 alone, the top five walking commuter cities were Boston (14.1 percent commuted by foot), Washington (11.1), San Francisco (10.3), New York (10.3), and Philadelphia (8.7). The city with the lowest commuter walking share for the year was Fort Worth, at 1.2 percent.

Solar Hero Dr. Hermann Scheer Dies
Summary: Hermann Scheer was able to see beyond the energy status quo and envisage a different energy future. A Social Democrat member of the German parliament since 1980, Scheer was instrumental in introducing Germany’s solar roof programmes and Renewable Energy Law (which included the feed-in tariff).

Big Oil goes to college: a conflict of interest?
Summary: Have hundreds of millions of dollars in grants from major oil companies compromised the ethics of energy research at such institutions as UC Berkeley, UC Davis and Stanford?

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