Sunday, October 31, 2010

Another Boneheaded Move by Bob McDonnell

Virginia's Republican Governor Bob McDonnell plans to raise the speed limits on 680 miles of rural roads across the state from 65 mph to 70 mph.

This anti-American decision will increase our dependence on foreign oil and make us less safe. Way to go Bobbie! During the 1970s oil crisis it was considered a patriotic duty to slow down and consume less fuel. And it was another Republican who called on Americans to sacrifice. From the website

"To conserve gasoline and oil, President Richard M. Nixon reduced the speed limit on national highways to fifty-five miles per hour and encouraged people to carpool and to lower their house thermostats."

Reducing the speed limit not only combats terrorism by reducing our dependence on the oil cartels, but also reduces harmful carbon emissions and saves drivers an average of 12% on gas.

But McDonnell would rather score cheap political points than take a stand and do the right thing by lowering the speed limits. Shame on McDonnell for this wrongheaded decision.

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