Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Green Videos: Nissan Leaf Polar Bear Ad

Nissan Leaf Polar Bear Ad
Seeing its arctic home melting away, a lone polar bear sets out on a great journey to thank someone who is trying to help.

Villaraigosa posts video promoting 30/10 Initiative
The 30/10 Initiative will allow 12 crucial public transit projects to be constructed in Los Angeles in 10 years rather than 30, improving transportation in L.A. and creating more jobs.

The LA Streetcar: See what happens when Downtown connects
Film about the planned LA Streetcar Line. Prominent Angelinos extol the virtues of the proposed streetcar for Downtown Los Angeles. The film gives viewers a virtual experience of a streetcar gliding down the streets of Los Angeles. Production created by Nelson and Sixta, Los Angeles. Original footage by Brewhouse of Portland, Oregon.

How one Swedish city gets people to trade silly car trips for bikes
No ridiculous car trips is an informational film about a campaign with the same name. Trying to get more people too choose riding their bike over their car in Malmo City.

China Sets New High Speed Rail Speed Record
China sets a new record for high speed rail and America's long-term vision for high speed rail begins to emerge.

The Life of Coal and You
The Life of Coal is a dirty one. Learn about it and get involved in the work to build a cleaner future!

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