Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Green Headlines: August 11, 2010

MWAA considers moving Dulles Airport Metro stop (Greater Greater Washington)
Summary: The Washington Post reported today that the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, which is building the Silver Line, is considering moving the proposed Metro station at Dulles Airport away from the terminal.

New Contraflow Bike Lanes Installed At 16th and U Streets NW (DCist)
Summary: Cyclists now have a legal lane beginning at T Street which they can use along New Hampshire Avenue to safely and orderly access U Street and 16th Street.

U Street block planning to go green (Washington Examiner)
Summary: A prominent U Street block has been selected to go green with the help of a Colorado nonprofit.

The car is still king of D.C. area commute (Washington Post)
Summary: Nicholas Ramfos, director of the Commuter Connections service, wants to help people find the best way to get to work while imposing the least stress on the D.C. region's transportation system. He couches this goal in the language of commuters: "It's all about time and money."

Empire State Building going green (
Summary: The Empire State Building is being converted into an eco-friendly skyscraper, transforming the landmark into a "green" architectural marvel as part of a multimillion-dollar upgrade.

Green Transition Scoreboard™ Tops $1.6 Trillion in 2010 (Ethical Markets)
Summary: The Green Transition Scoreboard™ from Ethical Markets, the independent global multi-media company, tracks total private investment in companies growing the green economy since 2007. The mid-2010 update shows a rise to $1,646,719,228,993 from $1.24 trillion at the end of December 2009.

50 Best Twitter Feeds To Stay On Top Of Green News (Top Online Engineering Degree)
Summary: With the green movement consistently gaining momentum thanks to the passionate efforts of activists worldwide, those interested in learning more about its philosophies and applications desire to dig up as many news stories as possible

Biotech offers promise for producing fuel (LA Times)
Summary: The announcement of an altered bacterium with fuel-production abilities is the latest breakthrough in the fast-expanding field of 'synthetic biology.'

USPS Goes Green (Alternative Energy)
Summary: In strict adherence to guidelines released by the Department of Energy, the United States Postal Service gets on a fast track to reach the goal for energy reduction. Green roofs, green buildings and an optimally efficient management system of energy consumption form part of the energy-reduction strategy.

As the green economy grows, the 'dirty rich' are fading away (Washington Post)
Summary: Big business is more divided on energy and the environment than ever before, and the growing rift reflects major power shifts in the economy.

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