Sunday, August 29, 2010

D.C. Public Transit Missing From Google Maps

When I lived in Los Angeles I frequently used Google Maps to navigate the city via bus and rail. While the directions were not always as accurate or fast as they could be, it is still a handy tool for finding your way around a major city via mass transit.

That is why I was so bummed to find out that Washington, D.C. and Arlington County are not on board with Google Maps. Currently the ART commuter bus system and the entire Metro subway and bus system are not synced up, but oddly the D.C. Circulator bus and suburban Montgomery County bus systems are.

If Metro is serious about changing their image then one step in the right direction involves adding the transit agency to Google Maps. And when it comes to progressive transportation issues Arlington leads the country, which is why it is so puzzling that ART is not on Google Maps.

All the regional transit agencies should be linked up to Google Maps to provide comprehensive coverage of the entire D.C. area because you have to make it easy for people to abandon their cars for mass transit and Google Maps is one of the best tools in the arsenal for doing just that.

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