Monday, December 20, 2010

Government Gets Cool

Can the Federal Government be cool? While the image of a nebbish bureaucrat slaving away in a soulless, fluorescent-lit warehouse will probably never go away, the Department of Energy has done a whole lot to change its image and help the environment by installing a "Cool Roof."

Energy Secretary Steven Chu recently oversaw the installation of light-colored materials on the roof of the DOE Headquarters West Building (the South Building's cool roof will be installed this spring). The 25,000 square foot roofing system will reflect heat and absorb less solar energy than a traditional roof, thereby decreasing energy use for cooling and removing carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere.

The two new roofing systems are expected to save taxpayers $8,000 in energy costs. Here is a video of Chu talking about the Cool Roof installation and why it's important.

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