Monday, September 20, 2010

Adams Morgan Day Festival Goes Green

This year's Adams Morgan Day Festival featured an expanded Green Pavilion sponsored by ZipCar, Washington Gas and the D.C. Department of Environment. I had the chance to interview some of the vendors and here are some notable quotes from the participants followed by pictures from the fest.


"Green DMV (District Maryland Virginia) started as an organization with a vision to create pathways out of poverty through green job training and sustainability. So we really focus on low income and disadvantaged communities, really involving them in the green movement and getting them into the green job force." -- Dina Faticone, Program Manager, Green DMV

"Live Green offers a green lifestyle to everyone at a very affordable price. So we're hoping on expanding to the rest of the country. Our offices are around the corner from Adams Morgan. We started here in D.C., in this community. We consider this our community. We believe America's ready to go green. It is a perfect opportunity." -- Megan Barret, D.C. Community Organizer, Live Green

"Standard Energy Solutions comes into your house to determine where you are losing energy from...People say they can sleep on the second floor again after a retrofit because it is not too hot. We've done lots of audits in D.C. It's a good chance for people to save money and increase their comfort level." -- Dave Condon, spokesman, Standard Energy Solutions

"Instead of bulldozing houses they can donate them and instead of buying virgin renovation materials they can buy reclaimed very cheaply. 40% of our solid waste is made up of construction debris. We need to recycle building material. For example, instead of buying a kitchen cabinet that's made out of sawdust from China with all the fossil fuels, harvesting, mining involved, instead of causing all that pollution and energy use you can get something that came out of your neighbor's house and you can build community and create good green jobs in the process." -- Ruthie Mundell, Outreach and Education Director, Community Forklift, a thrift store for home improvement


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