Thursday, July 22, 2010

News Headlines: More Bike Sharing in D.C.

Ensuring the Efficient Workings of a Bike-Sharing System (The Transport Politic)
After the opening earlier this year of major bike-sharing systems in Denver and Minneapolis, Washington expects to relaunch its own program this fall.

As Metro congestion grows, so does anger at 'seat hogs' (Washington Post)
As Washington's public transit network grows more congested, with Metro projecting "unmanageable" levels of saturation on its rail system by 2020, the phenomenon of people taking up more than their share of space is becoming increasingly touchy.

How fast is your bus? WMATA maps bus speeds (Greater Greater Washington)
WMATA has created maps showing the average speeds of buses across the region.

Obama orders federal workplaces to cut emissions, improve safety (Washington Post)
President Obama wants federal workers to take a bike, bus or subway to work more often and is ordering agencies to make their offices a safer place to work.

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